Professor Park Geun-young of Global Hotel Tourism Department at Wonkwang Health Science University
Professor Park Geun-young of Global Hotel Tourism Department at Wonkwang Health Science University

Apart from simple and uniform consumption types, various summers are emerging, seeking their own tastes or preferences. Recently, various new words have been created that synthesize terms different from consumers, which further subdivided our society.

Prosumer is a compound word of Producer + Consumer, which refers to productive consumers whose ideas directly participate in the development of new products, and was first used in futurist Alvin Toffler's Third Wave. Greensumer refers to consumers who prefer eco-friendly products that consider the environment, and Checksumer is a consumer who values objective indicators and has a positive impact on corporate quality and ingredient selection.

Triesumer refers to consumers who refer to other people's reviews or purchase directly from their own experiences because the consumption experience is the most important, and consumers who use existing products by transforming them into their own personalities are called Modisumer, and if you think it easy, Chapaguri. In addition, the single industry, which targets single-person households, is called Bluesumer as a new demand group in the market that has not been pioneered as a compound word of Blue Ocean + Consumer.

Blacksumer is a compound word made up of black (malicious) + consumer that refers to consumers who want to file malicious complaints and receive compensation from companies, whereas Whitesumer refers to good consumers.

Fansumer is a compound word of Fan+Consumer and refers to consumers who actively participate in products or brand images. In addition, consumers who ask for corporate social responsibility as the standard of consumption are referred to as social summers as ethical consciousness that cares not only for individuals but also for others. Consumers are called Guidesumer, which is a mixture of Madamsumer's role in evaluating products beyond just prosumer participating in new product development and Tri-Sumer's role in experiencing and evaluating finished products.

Consumers who participate in funding, promotion, and product production before a product or service is released are called Presumers, and consumers who purchase products after online reviews are called Twin Summers, and consumers who feel joy and satisfaction as consumers who purchase products with fun elements are called Funsumers.

Smasumer is a new term for Smart+Consumer, a smart consumer who pursues work and life balance, which uses various functions of a smartphone to find various values such as pleasure, and Ambisumer consumes price and performance meticulously, but pays generously for what he thinks is special.

As such, modern consumers are becoming smarter and more sensitive to products, and accordingly, the quality of products is improving. Therefore, I think companies should also pay attention to various consumption behavior patterns of consumers when setting up marketing strategies.

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