International students can be recruited as workers under E9 visa after graduation (D2 visa) with some simpler conditions for application....

The impact of COVID-19 has resulted in a significant decrease in the number of foreign workers, particularly in small and medium-sized manufacturing industries, farming, and fishing.

To secure future human resources and prepare for visa extensions for foreign workers, foreign students can be recruited as workers under E9 visa after graduation (D2 visa) with some simpler application conditions.

The government held the 32nd Foreign Workforce Policy Committee at 2 p.m. on December 28 (Tuesday), presided over by Gu Yun-Cheol, head of the Office of Government Policy Coordination, and decided on the "plan for the introduction and operation of foreign workers in 2022." The following are the major contents decided by the Foreign Workforce Policy Committee:

The number of foreign workers (E-9) under the general employment permit system in 2022 was estimated to be 59,000.

Utilization of foreign workers (E-9) by foreign students (D-2)

In contrast, the government will promote the use of foreign students (D-2) as foreign workers (E-9) under the general employment permit system, following the decision of the Foreign Workforce Policy Committee in December 2020.

Foreigners who entered the country with the status of study abroad (D-2) among foreigners from the sending country of the Employment Permit System and graduated from domestic universities (vocational and general colleges) are eligible applicants, even if they sought employment as professional manpower (E-1 to E-7). This is a person who wishes to work as a foreign worker (E-9) because he or she is unable to find work.

The requirements for an international student to be selected as a foreign worker are the same as those for the outgoing foreign worker's Korean language test, there is no record of illegal employment while attending school, and an average C grade completion, the Korean language test level 3 or higher, and at least 3 months of experience. More professional manpower is required for job search activities.

Eligible countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Cambodia, China, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Myanmar, East Timor, Laos

This is a new opportunity for international students who wish to legally work in Korea, and they can also change to a long-term F2 visa.

For further information: Oh Ji-Young, Office of Foreign Workers (044-202-7145)

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