- 'The 20th ITRC Talent Cultivation Exhibition 2022', from the 20th (Wednesday) to the 22nd (Friday), held at COEX, Seoul -
- Exhibition of the results of the University ICT Research Center project with 28 universities and 50 research centers -

An exhibition will be held to take a look at the achievements of the "University ICT Research Center (ITRC)" project, which has developed excellent ICT technologies and fostered high-quality human resources for the past 23 years.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Hyesook Lim) and the Information and Communication Planning and Evaluation Institute (President Seongbae Jeon) will hold the '20th ITRC Talent Cultivation Exhibition 2022' at COEX, Seoul from April 20 (Wed) to 22 (Fri) (Opening Ceremony) 20 at 9:50 a.m., Hall C, 3rd floor, COEX, Seoul).

In the Talent Cultivation Exhibition, 50 ITRCs operated by 28 domestic universities will participate and exhibit their representative research achievements and technologies. In the Talent Cultivation Competition, various events are held where excellent R&D achievements are displayed, best practices in entrepreneurship education are shared, joint research results between companies and universities are shared, and visitors can experience through booth operation composed of various groups.

The exhibition booth consists of six themes, including △ artificial intelligence platform and service △ ICT medical care, health △ realistic SW, content △ safety, security, blockchain △ ICT industrial convergence and intelligent semiconductor △ ICT infrastructure. Each group's exhibition booth will display 5G networks, intelligent platforms, technologies using virtual reality, augmented reality, etc., security services using IoT, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies, and smart platforms that can be applied to various industries such as aviation, agriculture, digital, etc.

The exhibition features ICT technologies that can lead digital innovation so that visitors can acquire various information and experience technologies firsthand. Visitors can experience their own unique character creation technology using AR and artificial intelligence. In addition, you can directly experience virtual reality built using VR and metaverse, and other emerging technologies such as blockchain platforms and unmanned systems will also be showcased. At the booth, students from specialized ICT and science high schools are invited to experience research.

In addition, through networking between companies and universities at each booth, a forum for exchanging various information is provided through information exchange such as excellent technology and research results.

The ITRC project, which started in 2000, has been promoted with the goal of nurturing ICT manpower, and has played a major role in the development of the ICT industry and fostering high-quality professional manpower. About 600 professors and 2,000 researchers participate annually, and so far, about 16,000 master's and doctoral level personnel have been produced. The number of manpower produced in this way is equivalent to about 12% of domestic ICT master's and doctoral graduates.

The research results produced by these research centers are also quite high. The ITRC project has so far achieved 13,690 SCI(E) grade papers, 5,697 domestic and foreign patents, and revenue of about KRW 51.9 billion in technology fees.

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