K-beauty culture is leading the international beauty trend in Asia.
This contest aims to improve the quality of beauty culture and create a place for communication and harmony of global beauty culture through competitions involving beauticians from all over the world, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Nepal, and Singapore.

Namseoul University in cooperation with Global Beauty Promotion Association holds '5th World N-Beauty Professional Contest' in 2022. 

Final screening and appointment ceremony will be held on May 26, 2022 (Thu) on YouTube Beauty King Channel, scheduled to be broadcast in real time, and the announcement of winners will be on May 31, 2022 (Fri).

The event is hosted by Namseoul University and Global Beauty Promotion Association.

It is organized by World N-Beauty Professional Competition Organizing Committee/ Namseoul University, Department of Beauty and Health/Namseoul Lifelong Education Center, and Ban Lang Saigon Junior College, Vietnam (TRƯỜNG CAO ĐẲNG VĂN LANG SÀI GÒN)

The sponsors of the events are Good Vision Co., Ltd. / International University of Arts / Westminster Graduate University / Creative International American Association / (KBP) Korea Beauty Personal Association / Aesthetic Company Pharmaceutical Son Myung-ga / Yudi Dental Clinic / Balance RX Co., Ltd. / Online Korean Language Education Platform k-dream / JB Hair Story Family Beauty Academy / MBC Academy (Cheonan) / Atelier Beauty Academy (Jongno Academy) / SBS Academy Beauty School (Pyeongtaek) / Makeup Magic / Cheonhyein / Christian Shobo Academy (Cheonan) / Christian Shobo Academy (Sejong) / Atelier Beauty Academy (Icheon) / Ciarte Suga Ring / MBA Academy / Skin Amazon / Narest Beauty Academy / Auschra Beauty Academy / Airumi Plastic Surgery / Oasis Beauty Academy / Cong ty CP DV DL Top Viet Travel EVANIA SPA / Kim Thuy Kamel Comestic Association of International Certified Aesthetician Association / Medcom.id (Indonesia) / VIETBEAUTY (Vietnam) / KRISNAAZ BEAUTY CARE MAKEUP STUDIO AND TRAINING INSTITUTE(Nepal) / @indonesianmua (Indonesia) / AKS-AKK Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

How to apply: visit website http://worldnbeauty.com and apply

For more inquiries reach:

- International: 041)580-3540

- Overseas: nbeautycontest@hotmail.com / Professor Kim Ayoung : 010-7341-7913

*  Screening regulations and judging rules: published on the competition website 

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