○ Successful completion of Gyeonggi-do Small Manager’s Value Chain Reinforcement Research Support Project
- NanoCamtech Co., Ltd. succeeded in developing an alternative foreign-made release film
- Ji-Chul Co., Ltd. succeeded in developing the first domestically developed marine gas engine exhaust safety valve
- Astar Co., Ltd. succeeded in developing residual gas analyzer equipment for semiconductor manufacturing process

Jincheol Co., Ltd. Marine gas engine exhaust high temperature/high pressure safety valve
Jincheol Co., Ltd. Marine gas engine exhaust high temperature/high pressure safety valve
Nanocamtech Co., Ltd. antistatic release film
Nanocamtech Co., Ltd. antistatic release film
Astar Co., Ltd. High-speed residual gas analyzer
Astar Co., Ltd. High-speed residual gas analyzer

The Next-Generation Convergence Technology Research Institute (President Jae-Young Kim, hereinafter referred to as Ki-Won Yong) has achieved excellent results in the 'Value Chain Reinforcement' research support project that has been supported for the past two years for the independence of Gyeonggi-do's materials, parts, and equipment industries. He said that he showed the potential of localization.

The 'Value Chain Reinforced' research support project, which ended this time, aims to commercialize within a short period of time, and supports a total of 8 projects and 13 research institutes for two years from 2020 to 2021. Assisted in advancing and linking demanding companies.

NanoCamtech Co., Ltd. has succeeded in developing an antistatic release film that maintains performance and quality during the production process and transportation of advanced electric/electronic devices and electric vehicles. It is an excellent part with superior adhesion rate than foreign products occupying the market, strong performance against temperature and humidity, and anti-static function.

At the beginning of the project, we were able to speed up development by receiving customized patent security direction and patent response strategy consulting, and are currently planning to promote commercialization and expand the market through overseas subsidiaries.

Ji-cheol Co., Ltd. succeeded in localizing for the first time the high-temperature/high-pressure safety valve for gas engine exhaust, which major domestic shipbuilders depended on imports, as well as reducing manufacturing costs. The gas engine exhaust safety valve, an essential part for ships, is a part that can only be certified overseas.

Therefore, there was a burden in the cost and period involved in the certification itself, but we were able to start the certification process without any error with the 'Troubleshooter' of Junggiwon, and obtained the test report from the Czech National Explosion Proof Testing Laboratory (FTZU), a non-profit independent certification body under the Czech government. and secured product reliability and succeeded in commercialization.

Astar Co., Ltd. has developed a high-speed residual gas analyzer that detects the stable environment and vacuum conditions required in semiconductor and display manufacturing processes. This equipment is capable of rapid and accurate analysis and monitoring, and as a result of participating in large exhibitions such as Nano Korea and trying to find demanding companies to develop a market with Yonggiwon, we are currently conducting a demo test for demanding customers.

Jong-man Park, head of Gyeonggi-do Materials & Parts Equipment Research Center, said, “I think that the high-quality results of technology development and localization in a short period of time are the result of the company making good use of the appropriate division of roles among performing organizations and customized support from Gyeonggi-do and Yonggiwon. “We will identify the development demand of industrial sites for technological independence and continue to promote field-tailored support.”

The Gyeonggi-do Materials/Parts/Equipment Research Group, supported by Gyeonggi-do and in charge of Yonggiwon, is a business that operates specialized human and material support programs such as problem solvers, central analysis support office, and materials and parts open lab to achieve technological independence of small-scale companies in the province. This is the third year of the project.

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