The first Airmeet utilization fair held by university libraries on the 9th~13th
Online booths from over 20 electronic data suppliers including Nuri Media

Jeonbuk National University Central Library (Photo courtesy of Jeonbuk National University)
Jeonbuk National University Central Library (Photo courtesy of Jeonbuk National University)

Jeonbuk National University Central Library (Director, Professor Anseong Jung) will hold the ‘Academic Electronic Information Expo’ to widely publicize the electronic materials that professors and students have to support their research and learning activities and to enhance their ability to utilize academic information.

The ninth fair, held for five days from May 9th to 13th, will be held online using ‘Airmeet’, a virtual platform that enables real-time interactive communication for the first time among national and public university libraries.

In this expo, a total of 24 major domestic and foreign electronic material suppliers, including Nuri Media, CNC Academic Information, Media Korean Studies, Woongjin OPMS e-Book, Elsevier, and Epsco, participated in each online booth to introduce electronic data search methods and useful search functions. and related quizzes.

In addition, customized information search counseling will be provided to students through realistic real-time counseling table operation.

In particular, the program will be richer than last year, with video seminars on various topics, such as 'How to search academic information for real beginners' and 'Efficient way to submit international journals and manage journals'.

To participate in the event, you can visit the ‘Airmeet Reception page’ on the Jeonbuk National University Central Library website (, register in advance (required), and then tour the booth. For details, refer to the announcement on the library website.

For participating students, participants in five or more booths will also be recognized for Jeonbuk National University Big Person Point and one hour of 'College Life and Career Design', a liberal arts course. In addition, various prizes such as iPads, AirPods, Bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, and Samsung external hard drives are available for each online booth.

Jung An-seong, head of the Central Library, said, “I hope that the fair using Airmeet will provide an opportunity for members to have a more interesting interest in the library’s electronic materials. We will strengthen the role of the platform library so that the library can become a place of communication with users.”

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