Contribution to the development of national industry through the improvement of information and communication technology

Professor Minho Ryu (Photo courtesy of Dong-A University)
Professor Minho Ryu (Photo courtesy of Dong-A University)

Dong-A University (President Lee Hae-woo) announced on the 10th that Professor Ryu Min-ho of the Department of Business Information received the Prime Minister's Citation for his contribution to the development of the national industry through the improvement of information and communication technology.

The award ceremony was held at the ‘2022 Science and Information and Communication Day Commemoration Ceremony’ held at the end of last month, hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Korea Communications Commission, the Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies, and the Korea Information and Communication University Federation. The theme of the event was 'Challenges and innovations for the future, science technology and information and communication technology with the people'.

Professor Ryu was recognized for his significant contribution to presenting a framework to evaluate the impact of a public digital platform on our society in a multifaceted manner and to formulating a policy to increase the social contribution of the platform.

Professor Ryu said, “Based on my experience working on Naver’s representative platform in Korea, I have been contemplating what is necessary for the development of Korea’s digital platform ecosystem,” he said.

Professor Ryu, who received a doctorate in Technology Management from KAIST Graduate School, was appointed to Dong-A University in March 2019 and has been lecturing ‘Introduction to Data Science’ and ‘Text Analysis’. Since March, he has served as the head of the Department of Management Information and has been nurturing juniors.

Professor Ryu has served as a research director of the Society for Information Society and Cyber ​​Communication, the head of the Naver Internet Industry Research Office, and a member of the 4th Public Opinion Concentration Survey Committee of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Based on his research, he has also published books such as 『Internet Ecosystem Diagnosis』, 『Computational Journalism and Newsroom Transformation』, and 『ICT Policy in the Data Economy』.


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