Industry-university joint research and field practice operation, joint construction of industry-university cooperation platform

Jeonbuk National University-Chunbo Agreement (Photo courtesy of Jeonbuk National University)
Jeonbuk National University-Chunbo Agreement (Photo courtesy of Jeonbuk National University)

Jeonbuk National University (President Kim Dong-won) joined hands with Chunbo Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Sang-yul) to nurture local professional convergence talents and to revitalize industry-university cooperation that can meet corporate and student demands.

The two organizations held an official agreement ceremony at 11 am on May 11 in the presence of key officials including President Dong-won Kim and key executives including CEO Lee Sang-yul Chunbo.

According to the agreement, the two organizations decided to operate industry-university joint research and field practice to foster professional and convergence talent, as well as industry-university joint research and development, exchange of research manpower, and technical support for difficulties in industrial fields.

In addition, they promised to jointly form an industry-academic cooperation platform that can meet the needs of companies and students.

Chunbo Co., Ltd. has been continuously expanding and developing its business areas from basic chemical materials used in various industrial fields to high value-added fine chemicals and electronic materials that require advanced technology. It develops and supplies core materials used in industries such as LCD, OLED, semiconductor, secondary battery, and pharmaceuticals, and is a competitive company that was listed on the KOSDAQ in 2019.

In particular, it occupies more than 90% of the world market in the process material market for semiconductors and displays based on differentiated technology that overwhelms global competitors. It plans to invest in the construction of a next-generation electrolyte manufacturing plant used for medium and large-sized lithium-ion batteries. When the Saemangeum plant is completed, it is expected to grow into a company with an annual sales of 1 trillion won.

CEO Lee Sang-yul said, “We will take the lead in realizing social values ​​by quickly responding to the rapidly expanding market for fine chemicals and electronic materials and the diversified needs of customers through technical collaboration with concentrated expertise between the two organizations.” “In particular, semiconductors and secondary batteries Taking the first step in the core material field through business cooperation and technology exchange, we do our best to achieve tangible results for the development of the local community, such as cooperating to advance into the general fine chemical field, and hiring competent local companies and talented people. We will do our best.”

In response, President Kim Dong-won said, “This agreement with Chunbo Co., Ltd. expands the comprehensive fine chemical business channel related to the era of the 4th industrial revolution and provides a dazzling opportunity for development through diversified activation of services such as electronic materials, secondary batteries and pharmaceuticals.” He replied, “We will actively utilize our research capabilities and resources to build a sustainable mutual cooperation system with Chunbo Co., Ltd. in the general fine chemical market.”

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